Meeting Programme

The programme has still to be finalised but will include:

  • The formation and evolution of double white dwarf binaries and related systems.
  • AM CVn progenitors and alternative end-products.
  • Long-term studies including period evolution and variability.
  • Hydrogen-deficient accretion.
  • Sub-10min systems.
  • Donor star evolution.
  • Connections with CVs, (ultra-compact) XRBs and Type Ia progenitors.
  • Gravitational Wave emission from compact binaries.
  • Exploiting upcoming facilities, surveys and missions.

Provisional Speakers

The following have provisionally accepted invitations to give presentations:

Paul Groot (Nijmegen,UCT); Keisuke Isogai (Kyoto); Kevin Burdge (Caltech); Josiah Schwab (Berkeley); Lev Yungelson (Russian Acdemy Science); Belinda Kalomeni (U Ege); Matthew Coleman (Princeton); Matthew Green (Warwick); Ingrid Pelisoli (Potsdam); Gijs Nelemans (Nijmegen); Valeriya Korol (Birmingham); Jan van Roestel (Caltech); Matt Wood (Texas A&M).

The format will follow previous workshops with morning sessions consisting of presentations from invited and contributed speakers.

After lunch there will be breakout sessions with another plenary session before the break which will allow discussion and debate of topics raised during the day.

As it is a workshop we expect there to be no more than 60-70 attendees.